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Reinventing Yourself: Elevating Your Career or Business

Why Is Reinventing Yourself Urgent?

The world is constantly changing, and so are we as individuals.

We either grow or we hamster wheel our way through day after day...after day.

If we remain static, we fall behind.

This is especially true for professionals and businesses. If you've been at the same job or business for more than 5 years without evolving or changing, you're not living up to your full potential. You're not tapping into your creativity, innovation, and passion. You're not serving your clients, customers, or colleagues in the best way possible. You're not fulfilling the purpose of your work and life.

Reinventing yourself is urgent because it's the only way to stay relevant, competitive, and fulfilled.

What Does it Mean to be Fully Aligned?

Reinventing yourself is not about becoming someone you're not. It's about taking that suit of armour off and showing up with a calm mind.

It's about bringing all aspects of yourself into alignment.

What does that mean?

It means that your professional career or business reflects your personal values, vision, mission, and purpose.

It means that you're doing work that fills your soul, that makes a positive impact on the world, that brings you joy and satisfaction.

It means that you're using your strengths, talents, and skills to the fullest, that you're constantly learning and growing, that you're surrounded by people who support and challenge you, that you're living a balanced and holistic life.

Being fully aligned is not a destination, it's a journey. It requires self-awareness, authenticity, and intentionality. 

How Can You Prepare for Being Celebrated in Your Work?

If you want to be known and celebrated for something bigger, you need to take action now. Interrupt your habit loops, get off autopilot, and act quickly before self-doubt, procrastination, or hesitation stops you.  5-second decision-making, one-minute milestones, Power of 7, or whatever other strategy works for you. But take action.


1. Clarify Your Values, Vision, Mission, and Purpose:

What do you stand for?

Where do you want to go? What do you want to achieve?

Why do you do what you do?

Write down your answers, analyze whether these are 'dreams' or whether they are sophisticated aspirations that you are willing to work toward, and revisit them regularly to monitor your progress. Set SMARTER Goals to set your path for achieving, rather than simply thinking about them.

2. Assess Your Strengths, Talents, and Skills:

What are you good at?

What do you enjoy doing? What do others appreciate about you?

Take a personality test, or a strength assessment, or ask for feedback from colleagues, friends, and family. But don't stop there. You are more than your resume, curriculum vitae, or LinkedIn Profile.

We created a foundational assessment tool to help our clients and workshop participants peel back all the layers to analyze eight elements - the resume stuff plus other considerations. This allows for a more fulsome and aligned picture through an external lens and results in a strong foundation for leveling up and aligning you with the work that lights you up.

3. Identify Your Growth Areas and Opportunities:

What do you need to learn or improve?

What challenges or opportunities excite you?

What trends or innovations are emerging in your field?

Attend conferences, workshops, or courses, or join a mastermind group, a mentorship program, or a professional association.

Get a coach. Get in the room with people who are steps ahead of you (but not miles and miles ahead....their reality is not yours).

4. Create Your Action Plan:

What steps do you need to take to align your professional career and business with your personal values?

What resources, support, or accountability do you need?

What obstacles or risks do you need to overcome?

Share your plan with a trusted partner or coach and review it regularly. Ask for their guidance. Tell them about your barriers and ask for their insights to get unstuck and understand what's doable. They will help you see possibilities and a clearer path because they have been there, they have a proven track record of helping people like you experience results much faster than they can do on their own.

5. Celebrate Your Progress and Achievements:

What milestones or successes have you accomplished?

What lessons or insights have you gained?

What impact or value have you created?

Celebrate yourself and your team, acknowledge your challenges and failures, and learn from them. While it's important to glance in the rearview mirror to understand the lessons for the future, it's also important to keep your eyes on the road ahead and focus on actions and outcomes - the progression, the wins, and the meaningful work. 


Reinventing yourself is not easy, but it IS worth it.

By elevating your professional career and business, you align with your personal values and purpose, and you create a meaningful and fulfilling life.

You need courage, confidence, and commitment to take this journey, but you do not have to do this alone. There are many resources, tools, and communities that can support and inspire you. We offer these to our clients, workshop participants, and Coterie members, and we avail ourselves of similar opportunities for our own growth. 

Don't wait to take action.

Don't wait to be celebrated.

Start now, buckle up, and enjoy the thrilling and rewarding ride!

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