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The Power of Moderation: Why Executives Need a Moderator for Their Online Sessions

In today's business landscape, executives are often tasked with leading online meetings and virtual events. These sessions are essential for decision-making, collaboration, and keeping teams and stakeholders informed. However, as the online world becomes increasingly prominent, the need for effective moderation has never been more critical.

Gone are the early days of the pandemic when many leaders were pivoting and adapting to a new way of working. Online presentations are now commonplace and a critical means of leadership communication; in this blog post, we'll explore when and why executives need a moderator for their online sessions.

The Rise of Virtual Meetings

The rapid adoption of virtual meetings, webinars, and online sessions has been accelerated by technological advancements and the global shift towards remote work. While these digital platforms offer tremendous benefits, they also introduce unique challenges that can hinder productivity, engagement, and the...

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