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Individually or in Groups.

In Person or Online.

Empowering professionals to promotions, pay increases, and powerful shifts.

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Training and Coaching.

Helping high performers elevate their awesomeness.
  • Preparing for an interview?
  • Meeting with potential clients?
  • Attending a networking event?
  • Presenting your strategic vision to a board of directors?
  • Addressing your entire employee base in an online town hall webinar?
  • Facilitating a workshop with a group of participants?

The reality is, most high performers know their stuff (and they know it well!), but are either terrified of public speaking, lack self-awareness of how they truly ‘present’ to others, or are simply too busy to search the vast internet for the best presentation hacks. 

shiftED Academy can help you, the subject matter expert, embrace the spotlight and rock the podium (even if the podium hasn't found you yet).

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Keynotes and Conferences.

Engaging keynotes and conference presentations.

Whether the purpose of your event is an annual gathering of a large group of delegates or an intimate meeting of professionals and executives.

Tisha is sure to delight and engage your audience (and, of course, tie in with the theme of your occasion).

Our Founder and Principal, Tisha Parker Kemp, offers engaging keynotes and conference presentations.

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Curriculum and Course Development.

Using current and emerging research-based methodologies for learning, shiftED works with your experts to create or modernize your course.

shiftED Academy has decades of successful experience managing the design of curricula in substantive, procedural, technology, and soft skills. Whether online, in person or blended learning, we can help.

And, we equip leaders to cascade the learning culture throughout their organizations for optimal adoption!


Decades of experience including:
• change management
• strategic planning
• continuous improvement
• facilitation and presentation
• implementation of systems & policies
• orientation programs
• management and leadership development

Contact shiftED To Create Or Modernize Your Course.

“shiftED Academy was engaged by NSCC’s Continuing Education department to modernize curriculum for a very successful evening course. – ”

"The product produced far exceeded our expectations."

Rachel Kuipers, Manager, Continuing Education 
Work Integrated Learning, Nova Scotia Community College


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