Online Presentation Secrets

A unique on-demand, three-module course, that promises practical presentation tips and actionable techniques you can apply now.

  • Improve your online presentation skills

  • Bolster your confidence

  • Level up your appearance

  • Engage your audience

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Something tells me that you’re searching for concrete tactics to make you feel more professional online (am I right?)


The pandemic moved us online, and we still struggle with how to effectively present to our colleagues and clients. 

Every meeting became a presentation and every presentation, a technical production.

I've helped professionals level up their presentation game. Let me help you.

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shiftED Academy’s Online Presentation Secrets is an on-demand course with 3 modules designed to make you a better online presenter.

Because you know being online is a cost of doing business.

Independent Study


On Demand

  • Video lessons that you can navigate through in under an hour - you're busy, let's not waste any more time!
  • A Companion Guide with multiple checklists to help you focus on the most important elements for YOU
  • An interactive audit tool to determine your current level of audience engagement - and suggestions for elevating
  • Strategies and best practices you can incorporate into your very next presentation
  • A direct route to being poised as a professional online

A Guided Approach


On Demand PLUS Coaching

  • A 40-minute live online 1:1 coaching session with your guide, Tisha, so that you receive specific and targeted advice for YOUR barriers, YOUR setup, YOUR audience engagement methods
  • A recording of our coaching session, so you can refer back to it as often as you'd like
  • The support of an expert who's been at this game for decades (not just since the pandemic), so you can tap into an unparalleled breadth and depth of support




Module 1: Barriers


In Module 1, we’ll hack away the barriers you face until they are defined and your path to leap over them is clear, so that you can focus on your zone of genius and achieve your objectives.

Module 2: Best Practices for Setup


In Module 2, we'll discuss my very best practicalities for optimizing your setup, so that you gain control of the technicalities and show up with an executive presence without unnecessary investments in equipment.

Module 3: Optimizing Audience Engagement - The WOSLIE Way


In Module 3, we’ll tackle the crux of the issue - your audience and how to engage them. We'll integrate strategies for activating your audience - with the WOSLIE Way, so that your teams, your students, your clients are WITH you. It’s a cure for crickets and ensures your performance is memorable and absorbing.

BONUS Companion Guide

As you navigate through the course, you will also have access to this downloadable companion guide.

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Absorb and digest one or two strategies at a time or take an hour and chew through the whole course.

You get instant access to the course and can refer back to any lesson at any time!

You’re Not Alone. It Just Feels That Way.

Many professionals and executives came to me in the early days of the pandemic bewildered about how they were going to manage. Presenting online is not the same as presenting in person.

It can be stressful.

It has made otherwise self-assured people feel uncomfortable, even anxious.

I created my Online Presentations Secrets on-demand course with people like you in mind.

 If you were once a poised professional whose confidence is now shaken, then let me show you how you can regain your equilibrium.

Your Guide, Tisha Parker Kemp

As a seasoned developer of senior-level talents, Tisha has worked primarily with executives and professional audiences for the past 25+ years. And with over 20 years in the online learning space, she has remained on the bleeding edge of what is working TODAY.

You will find no one else on the market with decades of exposure to both sides of the podium - with more than 20 diplomas and certificates and a Master of Education, Tisha has the street cred and the experience (and the awards!). If you're looking for the best guide for YOU, you found her.

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