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The workshop was excellent and exceeded my expectations!

"Thought provoking, it provided actionable concepts encouraging instant application for participants, and left me inspired to make changes in how I deliver a variety of instructional programs. 

I enthusiastically recommend shiftED Academy to novice and seasoned professionals alike."

Dawn Irmscher, CPM, CHRP, CPA, CMA 
Director of Finance, School District 62 (Sooke), British Columbia

Facilitating a workshop with a group of participants?


“Highly recommend Tisha to any client looking to elevate themselves in their careers.”

Sherisse Mason, CPM, CHRP
Manager, Client Experience, City of Toronto 


“Transformative - every online class with Tisha and my shiftED cohort!”


“The learning environment Tisha creates is safe and brings many a-ha moments and amazingly helpful tips that draw from her exceptional knowledge base and experience in a way that is immediately relatable and applicable to our entire cohort's diverse experiences.”

"Tisha's one-to-one coaching resulted directly in my first win in a pitch competition.”

“Thanks to shiftED's Presentation Booster Program, I have a clear path toward my next business presentation goals and the steps to get there."

Melanie Little
CEO Quantum Link, vlife Co-founder, Nova Scotia 


“Lindsay is hard-working, personable and eager to take on any task you give her.” 

Mark Kennedy
HR Business Partner, ADP 


Describing your strategic vision to a board of directors?


"I would highly recommend Tisha for your next keynote."

"Tisha was an exceptional speaker at a recent networking event that I attended. I have been teaching and facilitating for over 20 years and have seen many presenters in that time, and Tisha’s skill and comfort as she energized the crowd was refreshing."

Greg Cole, MSc., CPHR 
President, Anchor Integrated Business Solutions and Faculty, Dept. of Psychology, Saint Mary's University

Addressing your entire employee base in an online town hall webinar?


I’ve recently taken on a mentorship role and Tisha’s consultation provided me with tips that are actually really insightful!

Areeb Akhter
District Manager – Small Business Solutions, ADP


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