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Presentation Booster

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For executives and professionals who want to elevate their presentation skills through practical and proven evidence-based tips.

Although we may not be presenting in person right now, we're still presenting online - more than ever.

And when we're presenting in person again, you'll be ready to present like a BOSS, whether its in a courtroom, boardroom, or otherwise! 

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If anyone knows how it feels to be nervous before an important meeting or hopping on stage in front of thousands of people - I sure do.


If you feel butterflies in your belly, dry mouth, and sweaty palms at the thought of public speaking - I feel your pain.


I've made mistakes and encountered plenty of barriers during workshops, keynotes, interviews, client meetings, and conferences. With audiences looking on, I've lost my voice, my courage, and my saliva. I've taken risks, I've fallen down and picked myself back up again, and I've learned a tonne in the process.


If you want to talk about presenting yourself as an expert, landing that dream client, going for that promotion, or exuding confidence while public speaking no matter your audience size or composition - you've come to the right place.


As I spent decades pursuing answers for how to present more effectively and understanding the very latest research for how adults teach and learn, I realized that the solution isn't magically transforming into a rock star presenter overnight. 


You and I have to practice.


First, I must share an important truth with you: there will always be more to learn


But, how you prepare for any type of presentation is the difference between tossing darts in the dark and dancing fluidly toward the spotlight.


You must learn how to effectively present yourself and your subject matter expertise with the kind of impact that only a few know how to harness.


And I'm going to show you.

Inside The Presentation Booster On Demand Course

Presentation Booster is my proven system to help high achievers, and those aspiring to be, get to their next level.

This new on demand course is distilled from the Presentation Booster Program, an award-winning online live 12-week training and coaching program. This On Demand Course includes powerful presentation tips you can use right away. 

Presentation Booster tactics are simple to learn and easy to implement. That said, I understand that you may desire a personalized approach, so you have two options: 

1) the on demand course, by itself, or

2) add 4 hours of 1:1 virtual coaching to the on demand course for the most transformative results. 

Imagine what it would feel like to get a standing ovation after an impassioned keynote. Or landing a job that you're under-qualified for - even though 200+ other people tossed their name in for consideration. Or being recruited multiple times out of the blue for 6-figure management positions with world-class organizations. Or being sought after from clients across North America.

I can tell you from experience, it feels pretty darn good.

Presentation skills matter.

Bite-sized Learning

...brief instructional videos to keep you focused as you navigate through the course.

Downloadable Resources

...guidebooks, worksheets, templates to fully support your learning journey.

Premium Option

...add 1:1 coaching services for a personalized and fully guided approach.

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Level Up Your Presentation Skills!

Whether in person or online, we all 'present' ourselves to others. 

Techniques and strategies to help you present like a matter your audience, your content, your delivery method, or your previous experience. 

Level up your presentation skills!

Whether in person or online, we all 'present' ourselves to others. 

Techniques and strategies to help you present like a matter your audience, your content, your delivery method, or your previous experience. 

Presentation Booster On Demand Course is ideal for:

  • Professionals (Lawyers, Doctors, Professors, Engineers, etc.)
  • C-Suite Executives
  • Leaders, Directors, Managers
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Trainers, Facilitators, Instructors, Teachers
  • Anyone with a desire to enrich formal and informal presentation skills and rise above their contemporaries.
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...take as long as you'd like or complete the course in one day. 

Engage comments inside the course (or simply read what others have to say).


...anywhere, any time, on any device; with updates to content at no cost.

Practical Tips From Decades On Both Sides Of The Learning Process

Proven strategies from our Principal, Tisha Parker Kemp, a professional with 25 years experience presenting to more than 10,000 people. 

With nearly 18 years in the online learning space, and more than 15 certificates/diplomas and a Master of Education.

This course is packed with immediately applicable techniques.

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Presentation Booster On Demand Course

$497 + TAX

  • 7 Modules, 30+ Lessons
  • 2.5 Hours of Video Content
  • 15 Downloadable Resources (Templates, Guidebooks, Worksheets)

Premium Option: Course PLUS 1:1 Coaching

$1,297 + TAX

  • Presentation Booster On Demand Course
  • PLUS 4 Hours of 1:1 Coaching Tailored  Specifically for Your Needs (via Live Online Meetings and Email/Message Support)

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